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is family owned and operated auto repair business in Las Vegas, NV since 1998. Specialized in full transmission service—repair, rebuilt, replace—Nevada Transmissions and Auto Repair has been providing high quality service with extremely competitive price to satisfy our customers. You can get your transmission rebuilt economically with assurance and a three year warranty available. Your will have a transmission that will be trouble free.
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checkmarkTransmission Scan—The Right Approach

Your automatic transmission is by far the most complicated part of your car, also the second most expensive part to replace. Our first step is connecting a scanner to your automotive computer checking for service codes, monitoring transmission for a problem. We analyze this information to see if it is an electronically controlled transmission problem. There is a NO charge for the scan. Shifting problems are not always transmission problems. A faulty computer chip, an intermittent "prndl" switch (park-reverse-neutral-drive-low), leaking vacuum lines, TPS, speed sensor, drac module, shift solenoids, shorted wiring, and other seemingly unrelated problems could be misdiagnosed as a transmission problem. Misdiagnosis could cost you an unnecessary expense.

The scanner is the state of the art tool to help diagnosis your problem, however, this will not repair your vehicle. Like a doctor’s check up, it guides us in solving your transmission problem. We will then give you a written estimate of the cost.

checkmarkHow do I know if I have a transmission problem?

Generally speaking, transmissions don’t fail all of a sudden. It signals some parts are wearing gradually. For example, you may notice the automatic transmission is not shifting into a higher gear, RPM over-rev, jerky motion when shifting, and/or hearing unusual sound, etc. These problems may be a temporary issue, but don’t ignore them because they are like flashing lights to warn you.

Check your transmission fluid level regularly, and if it gets lower, you may have a leak. Transmission fluid is generally reddish color. If you spot these drops of oil under your car, you should have it checked. If you've had engine overheating problems, it is a good idea to inspect the transmission as well, because heat is the major cause of the transmission problem.

checkmarkWhat is the cost of a transmission replacement or rebuild?

What are we talking about? A Rolls Royce? a VW Bug? a Ford F-150? or a Cadillac Escalade? You see that question is dependent upon Make: Foreign or domestics, model and year, etc. There are about 10,000 different answers to that question. We, Nevada Transmissions and Auto Repair, believe you should be 100% sure what the problem really is before investing in a replacement or a rebuild. After our evaluation be assured we will get you a great price and fast service. Getting you back on the road with a smile on your face and money in your pocket is our goal!

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